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Grandpa -

Some students have taken it upon themselves to have a discussion group and talk about how to do well in college and get good grades.  Do you have any input for them?

- Science teacher in Ohio

Dear Science Teacher - and Students -

The bottom line is your desire for success and your willingness to work - but -

There are some ideas that may be useful and easy to use.

After each serious class - take 1/2 hour to review what occurred in class and to consider the homework.  If you have another class right away, do this as soon as practical.  If you can't put in the half hour, put in 15 minutes.  It's important that you do this as soon after the class as possible for three reasons.

1.  This is when you will have the freshest memory of the lecture.

2.  By having this little bit of study behind you, you have set in motion some "psychological inertia."  The likelihood of your being motivated to continue is much higher than if you go play pool after class and don't get that start.

3.  This time you spent will be in the back of your mind doing two things - making you proud of yourself - and giving you stuff to think about until you get down to the serious homework.  What you need to do will be more clear.  Even if you later go to play pool, you'll have some comfortable thoughts about that homework as you play.  You won't feel guilty about the playing, and you'll sometimes be "looking forward" to getting back to that homework.

Just do this half hour and see what happens to your grades.  It will help to make homework something you enjoy.  (Almost)

Note:  This habit is so valuable that Grandpa would suggest that you sign up for classes, as much as practical, such that you have time after each class before the next class.  This will keep you on campus longer, but so what?  You will be getting your homework done, and the night will be yours.  (But not too late.)


- Grandpa

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