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Grandpa -

do i have a secret admirer? if so who? what is his initials?



Dear Leatrice,

It is likely that you have even more than one admirer who has not let you know.  Most people do.  It's not exactly like a "secret," but people are not sure sometimes if you admire them also, and they are slow to let you know.  Tell me something.  Do you admire anyone whom you have not told?  I'll bet you do.  Other people do this too, and I'll bet there are some who admire you and have not told you so.

Be friendly to everyone, and make it easy for people to talk to you.  Smile a lot.

- Grandpa


I could give you some initials, and you would go about trying to find someone with these initials.  If you found one, and also found that this was not an admirer, you might write back and tell me, and I could say, "No, not that one - another one with the same initials."  Worse than this, I might start out by saying to you, "I'm only getting one initial, and it is J."  Then there are so many this could be that you might be likely to find one, and you then would think, "How smart Grandpa is!"  This is what "psychics" do.

I think you (along with others who have written) have confused a physicist with a "psychic."  Look up those two words in your dictionary.  I am a physicist.  Though I believe some people have more insight or are more aware than others, I do not believe there is any such thing as a "psychic," who could give you the initials of a secret admirer with only the data you have sent in this letter.  There are many "psychics" who are really "magicians," good at illusions - some with quite a talent for that form of entertainment.  Most other "magicians" now call themselves illusionists.  I like that, because it is more honest.  Unfortunately, there are many "psychics" who are not so honest as this and would have people believe they possess "special powers."  "Magicians" used to do this too - they would saw a person in half and put them back together and try to have us believe they could actually do this.  I think a more intelligent public has taught that particular entertainment industry to be more honest.  These so-called "psychics" continue to take advantage of people as "magicians" used to do.  They usually appear to be very nice people, because that's the way to get lots of business.  I consider them to be quacks.  To be fair, I must recognize that there may be a few of these "psychics" who actually believe they have these powers.  These are not so dishonest, but they suffer from a condition, wherein they have come to be "out of touch" with reality.  If severe, this condition is called schizophrenia, a serious mental disorder.  I think most of these "psychics" are not out of touch with reality, and they are not schizophrenic.  They are simply dishonest opportunists looking for attention or for money.

Interesting question for you to consider:  Why don't you see the headline, "Psychic Wins Lottery Again."  The answer is easy.  There is no such thing as a psychic.

Grandpa sometimes thinks that it is unfortunate that a less sophisticated thief, who takes an object, goes to jail, while these more sophisticated thieves always go free, even while we are fully aware that they have taken much more.

- Grandpa  

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