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Number 7:   A  DOG









It's not hard to see why he's called "Man's Best Friend."  Intelligent and loyal, loving and protective, helpful and serving, a dog can do so much that other animals cannot do.  A dog will do so much that other animals will not do.   Seeing eye dogs are so dedicated that they have no equal among animals.  Only another human could take his place.  Only it would take three humans during the week on eight-hour shifts - and another three for the weekends.

The dog is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, loves every minute of it, and does it all alone.  And for pay, some dog food, some water, a warm place to sleep, an occasional pat on the head and a squeeze toy.


Other dogs, of course, are just for fun and companionship.  

DOT is a dog who plays soccer.

Click on her picture to see a short movie of her playing against an excellent human soccer player.



Dogs are special.

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