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Number 6:  OUR SUN





In the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the Sun is so bright that it is not possible to get a good picture of it.  This was taken using a "camera" that is sensitive in the IR region of the spectrum.

Sometimes people speak of "solar energy," but the truth is, all our energy is solar.  The Sun evaporates water from the seas, and it comes back down as rain in the mountains, falling down the rivers to our generators to make electricity.  Energy from the sun provides for the decay of old living tissue that eventually becomes coal.  We burn that to make electricity.  Not so much as a tenth of one percent of our energy comes from anywhere other than the Sun.

Every second, 660 million tons of hydrogen are fused into 655 million tons of helium.

The remaining 5 million tons of matter migrates outwards as heat and light.

Talk about your weight-loss program. Our Sun loses 5 million tons every second.

Each minute, the Sun loses the weight of all that humanity on Earth weighs.


When the Sun rises in the morning, it is magnificent.  The following three pictures are the progression of the sunrise on January 5, 2002, Escondido, California.




And when the Sun sets in the evening, it can have incomparable beauty.


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