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Grandpa's Tree House

Built on three Eucalyptus trees. In progress -

Grandchildren are watching -



First the three eucalyptus trees. Limbs were breaking and falling on the tile roof, breaking tiles.














Rather than remove the trees entirely, they were cut to about 8 feet tall. The trees were cut to receive the 2x12 "foundation," mounted in a triangle shape. The trees are still healthy and growing. We'll see what that brings about in the future for the TreeHouse. The growth has been trimmed three times during construction.



Then floor joists -






























And walls - studs are 6 feet instead of the usual 8 feet.













Windows - bought used from Craig's List -










































































View from the TreeHouse Deck






























View of the main house from the TreeHouse.
















Subroof is 2x6 tongue and groove.














View to driveway.


Roofing goes on. Supposed to be good for 100 MPH winds.















Scary standing here with camera over eyes.


The Tree House looks bigger in pictures than it is - (six foot studs.)  (It's about 100 sf.)














To enter, climb between granite boulders into trap door.
















 Five of Nineteen Grandkids


More Eventual Inhabitants


At Night


Continued Growth of Trees




Grandpa's Tree House


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