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Promotion Song / Graduation Song

Play it: (Simulated Piano))

For a good print of music and words:  PDF File

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We've done our work. Our parents are proud. We've heard the final bell.

We're moving on. We thank our teachers. They've taught us all so well.

Moving, moving, moving on up. What a new year we'll see!

Hooray, hooray, hooray for our great school. Hooray for you and me!


[Any school may make up another verse - Send it to Grandpa so he can see what you sang !]

[If you send permission also, Grandpa will include your words on this site for anyone to use.]

[The name of your school and the author also, as you wish.]




(If the .PDF File  does not work for you - then

right click on the song below - and select Print Picture...It's

not as good, but you can still read it.)




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